Jul 16, 2007

The story of the photos of Diana after the crash, from August 1997 to July 2007

Why one of the photos of Diana in the car was published 2006 in Italy

Diana car crash
Body guard Trevor Rees-Jones on front seat survived, Diana on rear right seat was under shock but only slightly injured.
In 2006 the illuminati staged the publishing for the first and only time of one of the photos of Diana in the car, in Italy. This took place in an italian magazine, for a restricted audience.
One of the reasons to allow it was to give  serial liar and mass murderer "Tony" Blair and the rest of the illuminati media the opportunity to play the "respect for human life" role,  screaming about how "shocked" the  photos of a "horribly injured, dying Diana" were  ...  while the photos showed no injuries. The "cry foul" mind control technique (a).

The images that were not shown 2007 in the Channel 4 documentary

Later in 2006, The Sun published one photo with Diana’s face obscured, and that was it. One year later, the images of Diana in the car continue to be the limit to the usage of the Contents vs. Package technique, i.e. the last thing the illuminati will not show to the public.  The documentary "Diana: The Witnesses In The Tunnel" "just" allowed people to hear doctor Frederic Mailliez testifying that Diana was only slightly injured. (b)
Note how the illuminati suggested that the images would be shown: "The programme was preceded by hyped-up accusations that it would show gruesome photos. The press secretary for Diana’s sons, Princes William and Harry, wrote to Channel 4 demanding that certain images be removed. Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton told the channel: ‘I must ask you not to broadcast those photographs that depict the crashed car whilst the princes’ mother lies dying in its wreckage. These photographs, regardless of the fact that they do not actually show the princess’s features, are redolent with the atmosphere and tragedy of the closing moments of her life. As such, they will cause the princes acute distress if they are shown to a public audience, not just for themselves, but also on their mother’s behalf, in the sense of intruding upon the privacy and dignity of her last minutes.’ (1) (2)
What was in fact shown: "The hype was unjustified. The images included several of the crashed car while Princess Diana was still in the wreckage, but she could not be seen. There was also an image of a medic administering emergency treatment to Diana where Channel 4 had obscured her face. Many of the black-and-white images came from the ‘French Investigation Dossier’ but they were so dark that they looked like bad photocopies. The programme makers went out of their way to offer a documentary that acknowledged some images were too sensitive to be shown and, unusually, even showed the princes a version of the programme before transmission ".

Prince William and the "defense lawyer" mind control technique

Note in the above how the "press secretary for Prince William" is used by the illuminati to suggest that these were words of Prince William. The "defense lawyer" mind control technique pushed to the utter limits. This time it is not applied to an innocent waiting to be executed in the death row of a prison. This time the technique is applied to the crown prince... (c)
Added August 26, 2007: today, during a 45 minutes documentary about Prince William, for the very first time the public watching the the illuminati media (in this case ZDF, the second channel of the german state TV) had the chance to hear about the fact that Prince William refused to be king, in 2001, and he has never changed his mind ever since. The film was a masterpiece of how to escape the illuminati censorship. The author was... Guido Knopp, of course. Worldwide, the only Historian of Illuminati End Times in the illuminati mass media (3).
See more:  "The puzzle of Diana's death solved and Prince William refusal to accept the mark of the beast".
more about the the documentary "Diana: The Witnesses In The Tunnel" and the answer to why the illuminati used the last ten years to gradually reveal the details about how they did it in "Murder of Princess Diana vs. the 9/11 plot and what was truly genious" .

Notes about mind control techniques used

(a) Another example of the illuminati using the "cry foul" mind control technique: the doping conspiracy, where athletes are falsely accused of taking drugs to improve performance. One of the secondary goals of the doping conspiracy  is to give the satanic illuminati the opportunity to play the "fair" role, screaming about the athletes who "play foul". http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=MattMarriott+%22doping+conspiracy%22
Using this technique is in fact, in the illuminati religion, a goal itself. The more people will buy it, the closer to satanic perfection, in the sense of total deception, will the illuminati be. That is one of the reasons why the illuminati staged the begin of World War III, the aerial bombing of Serbia which begun March 1999, as "humanitarian war".
(b) This is reverse case for the normal usage of the illuminati technique of "Package vs. Contents" (cognitive dissonance), which most of the times consists of revealing the truth through images, in dissonance with the words served together with those images.

(c) The "defense lawyer" is a particular case of a suggestion technique. It was heavily used in the last years to advance the "new justice" agenda, i.e. the destruction of justice. It consists of using a representative to make people believe that a third person did actually say the words.  It was used in the process of the Oklahoma City Bombings to set a milestone as the first case where the public was mislead to believe that the accused (Timothy McVeigh) confessed to be guilty.

Other Notes

(1) In the words of Tessa Mayes in  http://www.spiked-online.com/index.php?/site/article/3466/
(2) Channel 4 bosses defy princes’ pleas over Diana crash photos, This is London, 5 June 2007
(3) History of Final Descent into Hell: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=MattMarriott+%22Guido+Knopp%22+
(4) The illuminati and their religion, explained in five minutes, the day of fate, 24 March 1999: http://who-are-the-illuminati.blogspot.com/
So that you will no longer waste your time with the millions of pages using the illuminati word, produced by their Web of Disinformation:

Note about the Illuminati End Times puzzle and the End Times Prophet (Note from September 2006)
The murder of Princess Diana, the  refusal of Prince William to accept the mark of the beast, two pieces in the Illuminati End Times Puzzle, together in the web ever since 1999 resp. 2001. Yet echoed after by nobody else, now resp. 9 and 6 years later.
The same with many other illuminati scripts which were completely revealed first also by End Times Prophet, from the 9/11 2001 script,  in 2004 to Clinton-Lewinsky 1998 or the OKC bombings 1995, both totally revealed first in 1999; Glory of the Olive or Natzinger, the last chapter in the script of the destruction of the catholic church and the destruction of  Israel, totally revealed as it begun, April 2005.
Again the same with  the illuminati "science" hoaxes, from plate tectonics to stellar parallax.
Again the same with the illuminati hoaxes staged on a regular basis, from the NASA hoaxes like the  ISS/Space Shuttle to SOHO to the state lottery drawings, which were completely revealed first also by End Times Prophet in 2004 to 2007.
All the way to the ultimate script, the begin of World War III, October 1998 to March 1999...  revealed the very same days it was unfolding.
And this fact is yet again another piece in the Illuminati End Times puzzle.

UPDATE:  - Prince William, Kate and Prince Harry ALL murdered and *** replaced *** by imposters in 2008


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